Textile Prices - Do you use Letsrecycle prices in your contracts? 

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6 Jun 2024

LARAC has been approached by Letsrecycle and the Textile Recycling Association to assess if some proposed changes may affect our members.
They currently have 3 price categories on Letsrecycle for textiles:

  1. Textile Banks – this reflects the amount that may be paid to a local authority or a waste management company, usually by a collector for material from textile banks. The payment may be amended if the local authority has to pay a bank hire fee or an element of the collection costs and if a donation is made to a charity.
  2. Shop Collections – this price indicates the amount which may be paid by a collector to a charity shop for clothes the shop has not sold to the public directly. Prices vary on content from poorer quality material through to clothes and leather items.
  3. Sorting Plant (clothing, textiles and rags) – this is a general term for material in bulk, delivered to the factory of a larger textile collecting business which often exports used clothing and textiles, typically a large Sorting Plant or Depot.

What they propose is to split category 1 Textile Banks into three subcategories:

        A. Charity Textile Banks
        B. Non-Charity Textile Banks
        C. HWRC sites

This is so that the prices accurately reflect the value of the textiles collected.
Letsrecycle are aware that some LAs have contracts linked to their online prices. Therefore, we want to hear from you if this affects you at all, and how it affects you?
Please email admin@larac.org.uk by Friday 21 June with any comments/concerns.