OPRL - On Pack Recycling Label

Key Responsibilities
As OPRL expands our consumer engagement and member support services we’re building data-driven tools and discovering new insights into consumer behaviours and the recyclability of UK packaging designs. We’re now looking for someone who can provide the intelligent customer function, shaping, integrating and delivering this work to give maximum value to members and our partners across the packaging value chain. The Data Services Manager will be responsible for the maintenance and development of our data-based services and managing and growing our online services, so ensuring the retention of existing customers and enhancing the high reputation of OPRL. This will be essential in positioning OPRL as the future mandatory labelling scheme. 

You will support the Executive Director and Membership & Services Manager in delivering and developing OPRL’s data and online services so they can be scaled and deliver increasing automation as membership continues to grow rapidly, delivering increased value for OPRL, its customers and partners.

1) Product/service development: Working with the Membership & Services Manager, colleagues and key delivery partners to specify and develop an array of customer service and consumer tools and services:

  • Implement and maintain a central OPRL Data Repository to act as a data hub for all OPRL current and proposed Data Services;
  • Maintain, develop and integrate existing online tools, delivering excellent, reliable and highly rated services, working closely with our partners and other key stakeholders;
  • Manage our long-term contractual arrangements with specialist suppliers to ensure best value;
  • Identify opportunities for new and improved services and partnerships which add value to our offer;
  • Identify and protect intellectual property created by OPRL in creating and developing data systems and applications;
  • Provide direct support to customers on technical ICT issues relating to the online tools.

2) Data mining and insights: Working with the Membership & Services Manager and Marketing & Sales Manager to add value through insights and analysis as part of our developing product offer:

  • Devise, prioritise and execute a data and insights strategy for OPRL, including a ‘single request’ data acquisition approach, linking data needs across tools and combining in novel ways to derive new insights;
  • Identify new opportunities, secure new partnerships and develop business cases for future investment;
  • Advise on the design of data services linked to our web and app-based tools, ensuring design enables data extraction, integration and analysis to add value for customers, consumer users, OPRL, data partners and government and wider packaging and resources stakeholders;
  • Procure and manage such services following Executive and/or Board approval;
  • Provide data and insights for OPRL research, public policy inputs and product development supporting our mission.

3) Data security and systems integrity: You will ensure the integrity and security of our website, tools and datasets. Responsible for:

  • • Ensuring all statutory duties including GDPR are met;
    • Ensuring OPRL respects the commercial confidentialities of our customers and partners;
    • Managing OPRL’s liabilities for third party data;
    • Devising and delivering relevant sections of our Business Continuity and Recovery plans;
    • Ensuring the full application of OPRL’s privacy policies whether via in-house or third party provided tools and services.

Full information on OPRL and the position,  and how to apply