WEEE targets set for 2017

Defra has announced that the overall target for 2017 is 622,033 tonnes, 40,617 tonnes higher than the household WEEE collected and reported by producer compliance schemes (PCSs) in 2016.  This is based on an anticipated growth in WEEE tonnages or around 14.3% compared to last year's target of 544,342 tonnes.  In effect, compliance schemes will need to collect around 40,000 tonnes more WEEE in 2017.   

The targets are below the 776,000 tonnes, which is the EU target.  Defra envisages the shortfall will be made up for from WEEE arising from other sources, such as large domestic appliances coming in through the light iron waste stream. 

The  table of targets is below.  Reactions to the targets can be gauged on twitter#WEEE