A very short LARAC Survey on our consultation process

Earlier this month (on 2nd Aug) we sent out a briefing note to all members - a summary of the government responses to the consultations on consistency, DRS, EPR and the plastic packaging tax.  Members access it here.

We are anticipating a lot of engagement with DEFRA and the devolved governments of the next few months as the detail of these policy areas is hammered out. There will be further consultations at some point in 2020 and we will be involved with this and with other local authority organisations, to try and ensure that emerging regulations work as well as possible for local authorities.  We will, of course keep you up todate with this policy work as it proceeds, via the monthly Policy Update and occasional briefings. 

During this short interim period we would like to gain feedback from our members on how we responded to the RAWS consultation process, the information we provided to our members, and our consultation response work generally.  We want to ensure we are providing what you need and what is useful. 

To this end, LARAC is currently running a short survey on our consultation processes. Please take five minutes to complete the survey and help us to help you in the most effective way we can. COMPLETE THE SURVEY.