Re-Gen Waste launches Re-Gen Academy in partnership with CIWM

Re-Gen Waste, working in partnership with CIWM, is today launching the Re-Gen Academy, a dedicated support initiative to provide high-quality, engaging learning and development opportunities to individuals working in local authorities.

Through the Academy, bursaries will be available for those working in local authority waste management roles to access a range of training and development services delivered by CIWM, including face-to-face training, on-demand e-learning courses, virtual training programmes, and CIWM membership.

“As a strategic partner to many local authorities across Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and mainland UK, we fully understand the impact that austerity has had on waste services, in particular on training budgets, and the economic consequences of COVID-19 will add to this pressure on resources,” explains Jay Moosaye, Head of Commercial Development for the Re-Gen Group.

“In view of that, Re-Gen wants to do more to help. We have been consulting with local authorities to understand what learning and development opportunities are most valued and the Re-Gen Academy has been designed to meet those needs - particularly to meet training needs that may not be prioritised where money is tight.”

Training courses made available through the Academy are delivered in a range of formats and cover a variety of subjects, including waste legislation, Duty of Care and contract essentials.

“This is a significant package of support from Re-Gen for local authorities and comes at a time when the importance of skills, competence and professional development are firmly in the spotlight,” says CIWM Chief Executive Sarah Poulter. “CIWM is pleased to be working with Re-Gen to ensure that local authority waste teams can benefit from high quality, funded learning and development opportunities that will support them in their roles and help them.”

Bursaries will be available across the UK and Ireland and further information about the range of learning and development opportunities on offer, along with details of how to apply, are available here.