Old electricals recycling made simpler

Material Focus is a new not-for-profit, launched last year to manage the WEEE fund to increase reuse and recycling of old electricals across the UK.

In May 2020, they launched a public facing Recycle Your Electricals campaign to inspire and make it simpler for everyone across the UK to donate and recycle their electricals.

As part of their work, they are partnering with local authorities to promote the local recycling services. During 2020 they have worked closely with councils in a number of areas, continually testing and learning to refine the approach, and have seen really positive results both from tonnage levels collected, as well as residents feedback. I'm attaching one of their case studies for more detail.

They are launching an advertising campaign this September 2021, and would like to work with local authorities to promote local electrical recycling.

There are a few options for this:

  • use their toolkits to promote your electrical recycling services across your own channels OR
  • they upweight communications in your area by running advertising promoting electrical recycling on social media and local radio, alongside your own channels

Please email their partnership manager, Vilma, at vilma@materialfocus.org.uk if you would like to take advantage of either of these options, or forward this info onto the relevant team who would benefit from this.

If the timing doesn't suit, please let them know so that they include your area in the next wave of support.

Be part of the campaign to tackle the fastest growing waste stream in the world.