LARAC welcomes the Government consultations on EPR and DRS but has grave concerns

LARAC has welcomed the release of the government consultations on EPR and DRS but has expressed grave concerns about the delay in the release of the consultation on consistent collections, and that no date has been given for when it will come out.

LARAC welcomes the fact that the DRS consultation is seeking further views concerning the “on the go” options and the emerging work on digital DRS. LARAC believes that a DRS that utilises and builds on the widespread and well used household kerbside collection infrastructure is likely to be the best solution for a UK DRS.

LARAC continues to support the approach being taken on the full net costs in the EPR consultation with producers being responsible for costs in their widest sense. In terms of the EPR governance models LARAC supported a single body approach in the first round of consultations and is pleased to see this option is in the second consultation.

Carole Taylor, Chair LARAC, said “I would urge all local authorities to take the time to properly consider these hugely important consultations and respond meaningfully to them. The outputs from these consultations will shape local authority waste services for the next twenty years so we need to get them right and working for local residents. There is understandable frustration in the delay in releasing the consistency consultation, with further implications for councils. There is also concern about the shortened consultation period at a time when local authorities and business are stretched with their ongoing efforts in the face of Covid 19. We would ask the governments to seriously consider reinstating the consultation period to the full 12 weeks.”

The cost recovery aspects of the EPR consultation will be LARAC’s focus and looking to make sure that producers do now pay for the full cost of their packaging in the UK. LARAC has early concerns about the timings of DRS and EPR implementation and how these then relate to payments to local authorities.

LARAC will be working closely with its members to produce a response and help them produce their own responses, this includes regular updates, briefings, surveys and workshops.