LARAC surprised that DEFRA seems to be pushing ahead with all-in DRS

LARAC is surprised that DEFRA appears to be pushing ahead with an all-in DRS, following  comments from Michael Gove on 16th July, when they are still going through the responses to the consultation on DRS which closed in May.

LARAC, along with large parts of the industry, called for DRS to be deferred while we implement the huge changes consistency and EPR will bring.

LARAC is aware DEFRA is planning to undertake research into elements of the DRS scheme, as the original working group that first considered DRS said this needed to happen. Until the outcome of this further research and actions in other policy areas have been implemented, it is wrong to suggest that an all-in DRS is appropriate for the UK at this time. There is a danger that an all-in DRS now will cause confusion and not deliver the increase in rates whilst being extremely expensive to producers.

LARAC would urge DEFRA to consider fully the consultation responses and undertake further research before making such critical decisions.

Update:  17.07.19 am - Therese Coffey - giving evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on plastics recycling, says that the question is still under consideration.