LARAC Responds to the Defra consultation on WEEE Compliance Fee Methodology

In response to the Defra Consultation on WEEE Compliance Fee Methodology, LARAC has expressed concern about the issues their members are having in getting WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes to contract with them to service DCF. LARAC highlights the fact that local authorities are increasingly having to use Regulation 34 notices in order to get their DCF’s cleared of WEEE.

LARAC has stated that regardless of which proposal DEFRA decides to adopt, the ongoing situation of non-collection from DCF by PCS is unacceptable.

LARAC points out that the UK decided that the network of local authority CA sites would be the 'national network' for the collection of WEEE despite local authorities having no obligations under WEEE Producer Responsibility. Given this was a UK level decision LARAC believes that there should be a commitment from the Government and Producers to ensure that PCSs fully engage with the DCF network so that local authorities are provided with a suitable collection service that does not damage the reputation of the local authority in the eyes of its residents because collection services are slow, unresponsive and time consuming to manage.

LARAC highlights that if problems occur, residents are not interested in the minutiae of how the WEEE Regulations work and will blame the local authority for any issues that arise.

Given that local authorities are assisting the UK and Producers in meeting their obligations this is an unacceptable situation that LARAC thinks should be prevented. If one way of preventing that is through adoption of a suitable method as part of the compliance fee methodology LARAC would support that.

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