LARAC Responds to DEFRA Consultation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment) Regulations - Regulatory Triage Assessment

Yesterday we submitted our response to the Defra consultation Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (Amendment) Regulations - Regulatory Triage Assessment.  The consultation closes today, 6th December.

The 2013 WEEE Regulations were amended in March by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 2018, which included an amendment to regulation 34. This amendment clarified that all WEEE deposited at local authority operated designated collection facilities (‘DCF’) are entitled to a collection free of charge by a producer compliance scheme (‘PCS’). Whilst the original Regulations intended that all DCFs should receive free collections a loophole meant that some local authorities could still be left without a collection. The Defra triage assessment of the amended regulations, although retrospective did not reveal any significant financial changes as the original assessments were made under the assumption that all local authorities would be covered.
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Regulation 34
Regulation 34 provides a mechanism to ensure that local authority designated collection facilities (DCFs) will always be cleared of WEEE free of charge by giving DCF operators the power to request  a producer compliance scheme to clear WEEE from their site where their contract with a PCS has expired or been terminated.  A PCS receiving a valid Regulation 34 request must arrange collection or it will be in breach of its conditions of approval.