LARAC responds to Consistency Consultation

LARAC has offered broad support for large parts of the consistency consultation but opposes the introduction of mandatory free garden waste collections. LARAC members were very strong in their rejection of this proposal and believe charged for garden waste services will still contribute strongly to a 65% recycling rate. LARAC supports the introduction of food waste collections but is keen to hear the details of how Government intend to fund this new burden. 

LARAC has voiced concerns about the potentially prescriptive nature of proposals on collection systems. Quality materials are currently being provided by all three types of collection system and LARAC supports systems designed for local circumstances that deliver materials to available end markets. LARAC members also want to be able to choose how frequently residual collections are made in order to drive efficiencies and increase recycling rates. 

Carole Taylor, Chair LARAC, said “through our surveys and workshops there was a very strong message from our members that nationwide free garden waste was a backwards step. Our members told us that garden waste is not going in the residual bin and that they are achieving good returns through charged for systems. By allowing charges, it frees up central funding to support other aspects of the collection system. Food waste collections are one area where that funding could be used, with local authorities supportive of fully funded food waste collections.”   

LARAC has reiterated concerns that the proposal for all councils to collect plastic film by 2027 is unrealistic given the lack of sorting facilities and end markets. 

LARAC has also raised concerns about the deadline of 2025 for all councils to be collecting food waste from all households including flats. LARAC points out that the mobilisation period will be very challenging, especially when so many councils will be going to the market at the same time. LARAC supports a phased timetable as was proposed in the first consistency consultation in 2019. 

Link to the LARAC response   Accompanying word document with Graph for Q22

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