LARAC Membership - who are the members?

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of reporting that 23 new LARAC members have joined us since January this year. (Who are they? Find out here).  

Every quarter we drill down into the membership numbers to analyse the make-up of the membership.   This month we took a detailed look at authority types across the regions and countries.  The results pointed up the real depth of our membership.  

Take a look at the numbers – really, they are anything but boring!

Unitary and Metropolitan councils (WCAs/WDAs) - there are 160 of these in the whole of the UK.  117 of are represented by LARAC – that’s 73%.

County Councils (WDAs) – existing only in England there are 26 of these, and LARAC represents 22 – that’s over 84%.

WCAs - again only in England and including London boroughs. This is the biggest group, coming in at a total of 221, and we represent 159 of them - that’s 72%.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also represent Waste Partnerships, joint waste disposal authorities in London and Manchester, plus we have associates like the City of London, the London Waste and Recycling Board, Kent Resource Partnership, the Welsh Local Government Association and the States of Jersey and Guernsey. 

Looking at the whole of the UK, LARAC represents 73% of local authorities of all shapes and sizes.

As you can see from these figures, our strength is not only in the number of councils we represent, but the breadth of our membership. This is what makes our voice strong when we take our members’ views to government and industry leaders.  It also means when we sit in front of a select committee, we are known to provide a well-rounded and substantiated body of evidence. 

If you didn’t know the size and breadth of LARAC, then hopefully you do now, and you should have the confidence of knowing that as a LARAC member you are not a lone voice and your voice is valued.

So, if you are in the small percentage who are not members, don’t you think you should be?  Then your voice could be heard too.

Post script:  Just today our 26th new member this year joined us!  So, three more have joined in the last two weeks: from the Eastern Region it's great to have Hertsmere Borough Council, and from Yorkshire and the Humber Richmondshire District Council and finally, today I welcome Broxtowe Borough Council, so the numbers above will have to be revised again.... back to the spreadsheets!

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