LARAC gives evidence at Commons Environment Audit Committee

LARAC has given evidence, on behalf of its members, in front of the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee for their inquiry into plastic bottle and coffee cup recycling. LARAC had submitted written evidence in April this year and were invited to attend a session of the panel to provide more details on its stance on the subject.

LARAC outlined its concerns with a DRS system in the UK and the possible impacts that this could have on existing kerbside schemes. LARAC also sought to dispel the myths about the number of kerbside schemes operating in the UK and the exact cause of the so-called confusion for residents, which in fact is a greater awareness of what other people in other areas can recycle and a lack of understanding around the reasons for this.

LARAC CEO Lee Marshall, who gave evidence to the Committee said ‘this is a very visible example of how LARAC works on behalf of its members and what membership of LARAC brings. It also shows how well regarded LARAC is that we were invited to talk to the members of the Committee. It was important to dispel some myths around various issue and to highlight the thinness of the evidence of the potential impacts of DRS on local authority collection systems. LARAC supports better Producer Responsibility but not at the cost of making our own collection systems less efficient and effective’.

LARAC was giving evidence alongside the LGA and ESA and took the opportunity to outline that consistent collections can only come about when products and recycling infrastructure also become consistent. LARAC made the point that the collections systems are a function of the other two parts of the chain. LARAC said that the amount of funding for communications needs to increase considerably if recycling rates are to increase, alongside more investment in infrastructure. LARAC also highlighted the vast cost that the public sector put into the packaging recovery system, far outweighing the value of the PRN system in the UK.

View the Evidence session here  LARAC gives evidence from 11.48 onwards