It is a privilege to represent our members who, by necessity, demonstrate ingenuity everyday of their working lives and once a year we get to showcase their amazing efforts.   All the nominees were worthy winners and we congratulate them all. 

But there have to be winners, and we are happy that on Wednesday 12th October the following teams and people from member local authorities were rightly celebrated by LARAC. 

Best Communications Campaign
This award recognised work undertaken by a local authority to put over a specific message or set of messages in one campaign to groups within the local community or to the local area as a whole. A substantial part of the campaign must have involved the local authority although design input was allowed from the private sector or from use of WRAP material. Evidence of the success of the campaign was expected and the campaign was one likely to inspire or help other local authorities. Entrants demonstrated how they tested and developed the message in advance of a campaign launch and whether the target group was reached.

Nominations were:

  •  Rochdale BC, Recycling Saves Money
  •  Recycle For Greater Manchester, R4GM Food Waste Recycling
  •  Surrey County Council, Recycle Food Waste 2015/16
  •  Aberdeen City Council, Love Your Caddy

The winner was:  Rochdale BC, Recycling Saves Money

Best Partnership Award
This award was for the local authority which worked successfully with one or more partners  within the private or third sectors or with others such as resident groups.  Details were submitted of the part played by the partner and the entry elaborated on how working together was advantageous to the aims of the partners and to how the work impacted on the target audience.

Nominations were:

  • Calderdale, The Floods of Calderdale
  • South Staffs & Biffa Municipal, Safer Driving Campaign
  • Solihull Council, Follow the Path to Recycling
  • City of Cardiff, Keep Roath Tidy

The winner was:  South Staffs & Biffa Municipal, Safer Driving Campaign

Team of the Year
This category was eligible to any local authority team including front line staff (collections, recycling site operations etc.), recycling teams, teams set up to deliver short term projects (communications, community engagement etc.) or to work with colleagues in other departments. The award was for the team that exhibited an exceptional level of team work, facilitating high-levels of problem solving and communication, whilst going above and beyond what is expected. The team showcased successful projects and explained how their team work helped achieve higher recycling and waste minimisation rates. 

Nominations were:

  • Woking Borough Council Waste & Recycling Team
  • Dorset Waste Partnership – Operation Division
  • Rochdale Borough Council
  • Chelmsford City Council

The winner was: Chelmsford City Council

Best Waste Minimisation or Prevention Project

Data was important in this category which aimed to highlight successful projects, small or large, instigated by local authority recycling officers to reduce waste generation and or prevent waste arising. The work involved the domestic and or commercial waste stream and results were for a minimum of a six month period. 

Nominations were:

  • Durham Council, Green Move Out Campaign
  • South Derbyshire District Council & Sainsbury’s, Waste Less Save More
  • South Ayrshire Council: Beach Restoration Project

The winner was: South Ayrshire Council: Beach Restoration Project

Best New Idea

This award recognised a new idea which proved a positive benefit in the delivery of recycling services within a local authority. The category was broad in approach and could involve a range of ideas whether in service planning and delivery, marketing, communication, equipment and other areas.

Nominations were:

  • Recycle for Greater Manchester and Bolton Council, ESOL Resources
  • Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority: We Are Stardust
  • South Ayrshire Council: Beach Restoration Project

The winner was: Recycle for Greater Manchester and Bolton Council, ESOL Resources

Recycling Officer of the Year
With this category judges weree looking for flair and enthusiasm in the way the local authority officer played their part in achieving higher levels of recycling or other activities, including education, campaigns and minimisation. 

Nominations were:

  • David Whitehouse, Warwickshire County Council
  • Edward Yendluri, Westminster City Council
  • Dave Leeming, Rochdale Council  

The winner was:  Edward Yendluri, Westminster City Council - who becomes a member of the LARAC Executive for the year 

We welcome Edward onto the LARAC Exec and look forward to the innovation and enthusiasm he will bring to us.  At the same time we say goodbye to Andrew Jenkins, last year's recycling champion - and we thank him for his invaluable input - we know it won't stop here!

Congratulations to all!  For more information on the winning projects take a look at the upcoming Conference edition of the Loop - to arrive on your doorstep shortly.