Just 'Make it Easy' ...

As far as new year's resolutions go, they are better if they are simple and easy.  And it's a good idea if they can make a difference.  So when OPRL came along with their 'Make it Easy' campaign I thought this might be something useful to pass on, because I reckon most people want their resolutions on the easy side. A simple thing to do.  Sign a petition to make recycling simple. 

Simplicity is the key word in their campaign to get clear, informative labels on packaging.  In other words the clear instructions consumers crave. 

In the UK we use 5 million tonnes of paper and card packaging each year, the equivalent of a forest five times the size of Birmingham.  Now that's a simple, clear and rather shocking piece of info backed up by a very graphic image.  

How much more of that packaging could avoid landfill if only it were perfectly clear at a glance exactly what to do with it.   

Over the last ten years we have over halved the amount of waste we send to landfill - and to help us continue in this vein OPRL has made on-product labelling as clear as possible.

But now they want help, they want us to sign their petition asking the Government to legislate for a single label for recycling. 

That's easy to do.  Sign the Petition 

So, why not sign the petition, and why not pass it on, so that other consumer/residents can do the same?  Give people a chance to ask for the simple messages they need so they can be good recyclers. 

Sign and Share

So why is it necessary to think about this?
Sometimes understanding what can and can’t be recycled can be tricky. Although, the Government plans to introduce mandatory recycling labelling on all packaging in the Environment Bill, they want anyone to be able to decide for themselves what the label looks like. That will inevitably lead to confusion, reducing the amount of everyday packaging that gets recycled.

Research shows most recycling labels are poorly understood and many aren’t well recognised. Clear and consistent recycling labelling makes it easy for us to do the right thing. And it’s positive for the environment.

A single label for every brand and retailer makes sense, and one existing label already stands out.

Like a traffic sign, it directs you to take the right action.

Like a clothing label, it helps you make the right choice. OPRL thinks all packaging should bear the same clear and consistent recycling labels.

If you agree:  Join the #MakeItEasy campaign to ask the Government to legislate for a single label for recycling.

Sign  and share the petition to change the law to make recycling easy