Have you found people using your bins as a hotel? Help stop this dangerous practice

It's an unpleasant twist on the phrase 'What's in your Bin?' - a horrific twist when you find, it's a sleeping person.  It may be a homeless person looking for somewhere warm and protected from passers by or a person who's been drinking and has no real sense of what they are doing.  Either way it's a person - and a bin is definitely not a safe place to sleep, as recent deaths have illustrated. 

In the first study on this subject, carried out by a partnership of CIWM, Biffa and the rough sleeping service Streetlink, in 2014, there were 176 respondents from the waste industry - and a fifth of those reported finding people sheltering in bins. 

Since 2014 homelessness has seemingly doubled, and there are have been a few well publicised cases of people choosing The Hotel 'Bin' chain as a place to lay their head after a night out. This year sees new research in the area, this time assisted by Biffa, The OU and CIWM.  Dr Toni Gladding, Secretary of WISH and Chair of the CIWM Health and Safety Special Interest Group who is leading this research at the OU commented ‘There is anecdotal evidence to suggest this is a problem that continues to challenge the waste industry, and we are seeking new responses from as many companies as possible so that we can investigate the scale of the issue’.

So, let's try and put this particular sleeping baby to sleep, by taking providing a comprehensive response to an important new survey - we urge you to complete the survey and help to find a reliable way to put The Hotel 'Bin' completely out of business. 

Paul Wright, Group Health and Safety Director at Biffa Waste Services commented ‘Undertaking this new research will provide fresh insights into the issues and challenges associated with the prevention of people sleeping in waste containers. Your input, by completing this survey, will be fundamental to helping us find new ways to prevent people sleeping in bins’.

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