Covid-19 Guidance and Updates

To date there has not actually been much waste related guidance released. Currently local authorities are enacting their own contingency plans with little dictate from central government. To a certain extent this allows for the local circumstances you must contend with. Defra has been very much in information gathering mode, not information giving mode, but below is what we have so far:

>  Covid-19 Waste Guidance
We updated our news with the latest advice we had from Defra for local authorities on non-healthcare settings and households with coronavirus.

This includes:
Stay at home: Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection - updated 24.03.20
Guidance for cleaning in non-healthcare settings updated 19.03.20

The Key workers list announced by the government was published on our website.

The key workers list refers to essential workers whose children can be expected to continue their schooling. As education is a devolved area, the lists in Wales, Scotland and NI might differ, as we get updates, we will publish them.

>  Working from home guidance

HSE released an e-bulletin on this issue covering:

* Lone working
* Working with display screen equipment (DSE)
* Stress and mental health
    Download the HSE e-bulletin

Obviously, other issues are coming to the fore constantly, one of the most recent is social distancing for crews. We can all benefit from sharing information in the ever-changing situations we face. Visit the Members Discussion area where a series of Covid-19 threads has been set up for us to share knowledge.