Consultation on London Environment Strategy - the LARAC Response

LARAC has commended the principles and ambition shown by the London Mayor in the London Environment Strategy as part of its response to the recent consultation. LARAC pointed out that if the recycling ambitions are to be realised any future policies will need to be fully funded to have any chance of succeeding. LARAC believes this needs to be coupled with products being truly designed for recycling at their end of life and so has urged the Major to lobby on this so that stronger producer responsibility policies will help ensure this happens.

LARAC has pointed out that there also needs to be a change in the behaviour of residents and consumers and that the Strategy should give this area more emphasis and focus. LARAC does not believe that a London wide collection system is necessarily the answer to the wide range of issues that are preventing higher recycling. There needs to be funding available to make the business case for collection system change and it needs to be done on a case by case basis.

LARAC has supported the concept of carbon based targets in the future and feels that these should be given further consideration within the Strategy. LARAC has also suggested that a better and more comprehensive framework for planning of waste facilities in developments will assist in increasing recycling from flats and high-density housing, as well as utilising good practise and information.

LARAC returned to the theme of behaviour change in its comments on single use packaging as being a key component for change in this area. LARAC reiterated its stance that best use should be made of existing kerbside infrastructure for some single use packaging and that ‘on the go’ recycling is where new systems and funding could expand recycling opportunities. LARAC feels there are also real opportunities to increase reusable container use in the capital through financial instruments.

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