Circular Economy Package changes which might effect you

Recent updates from Defra highlight changes to laws and regulations which will be brought about by implementing the Circular Economy Package (CEP) - transposing it into UK law.

What is the CEP?
The Circular Economy Package is a set of measures to reduce waste and keep resources in use for longer. The UK is committed to moving towards a more circular economy which will see us keeping resources in use as long as possible, extracting maximum value from them, eliminating waste and promoting resource efficiency. The Circular Economy Package (CEP) aligns with the Government’s commitment to protect and restore our natural environment after leaving the EU; aid the UK in reaching Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; and create a more circular economy which will reduce waste, put less pressure on the environment, enhance security in the supply of raw materials, increase competitiveness, innovation and growth, and create jobs.

What is changing?
UK Plans for transposing the 2020 CEP measures, and the changes required, have been published by Defra and include:

Waste separately collected for re-use/recycling may not be incinerated or landfilled
New requirements to ensure that separately collected waste materials are not incinerated or landfilled, except for waste resulting from subsequent treatment operations of the separately collected waste for which incineration or landfill deliver the best environmental outcome.

Separation of illegally mixed hazardous waste
Consideration of economic feasibility removed when deciding if illegally mixed hazardous waste must be separated. As a result, all illegally mixed hazardous waste will be required to be separated if it is technically feasible.

Record keeping of products from hazardous waste
New requirements for record keeping relating to the treatment of hazardous waste. These include the requirement to keep details of products and materials resulting from the treatment of hazardous waste.

What do I need to do?
You will need to comply with the new requirements from the date that the new legislation comes into force in the autumn. Proposed guidance updates to annex II of the packaging and packaging waste directive have also been published on
Defra states that further information will be emailed and any necessary changes to other guidance will be published in due course.

Linked information
Waste Prevention Programme for England
On 28th July the Waste Prevention Programme for England 2013 Review was published which evaluates the actions taken in the 6 years since the waste prevention programme was published.  

It also outlines progress on the ongoing programme of work as part of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England. This strategy will be supplemented by a new waste prevention programme, to help move to a more circular economy model.