Once again, the judges have been hard at it, the votes have been cast and we have the first winners at this year's LARAC Conference: our 18 scholars.  They will enjoy an extra afternoon of seminars the day before the main event, plus entrance to the pre-conference evening get-together and meal.  Then the whole conference will be theirs to enjoy and benefit from - staying at the Orchard Hotel, at the heart of what is happening.  They will attend the awards and all their travel will be paid for.  All thanks to our great sponsor, REPIC - who (as in the past two years) will extend the scholar experience through the year with various opportunities and  site visits. 

We had a lot of applicants, and it was genuinely hard to come up with the final winners, so those who didn't succeed this time shouldn't be dissuaded from applying again next year, providing they still fit the criteria. 

So, without further ado, the winners are:

  1. Gabrielle Asara, Braintree District Council
  2. Sophie Beck, Chorley Council
  3. Lizzie Burston, Teignbridge District Council
  4. Anna Donovan, Suffolk County Council
  5. James Gibson, Maidstone Borough Council
  6. Janie Johnston, Falkirk Council
  7. Karl Jones, Bolton Council
  8. Christin Kowalke, West London Waste Authority
  9. Sean Letheren, Devon County Council
  10. Violetta Lynch, London Waste and Recycling Board
  11. Janet Mackenzie, Fife Council
  12. Andy Mayes, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  13. Rachel Melvin, Staffordshire County Council
  14. Andrew Ogden, Rochdale Council
  15. Simon Phipps, Oxford City  Council
  16. Curtis Ross, Powys County Council
  17. Claire Shears, Torbay Council
  18. Benjamin Stokes Staffordshire Moorlands District Council & High Peak Borough Council

Congratulations to every one of them.  We at LARAC look forward to welcoming them to LARAC Conference 2017 

If you want to see what past winners think of the experience then login using your membership and password and click on 'Scholarship'.