LARAC & RWM form strategic partnership to elevate Local Authority impact at the Resource & Waste Management Expo 2024

2 Apr 2024

In an exciting development for the resource sector, LARAC has joined forces with the Resource & Waste Management (RWM) Expo, setting the stage for a collaboration that promises to enhance the influence and engagement of local authorities at the 2024 show. This alliance marks a significant step forward in the collective journey towards sustainable waste and resource management, positioning local authorities at the heart of the conversation.

A Tailored Platform for Local Authorities
Understanding the critical role local authorities play in shaping environmental policies and practices, the partnership has led to the creation of the LARAC Lounge - a bespoke zone within the RWM Expo dedicated to local government professionals. This lounge is designed to be a hub of innovation, networking, and strategic discussions, offering local authority waste and recycling officers a unique space to connect with industry leaders, share best practices, and explore the latest solutions tailored to their specific needs. The Lounge can be found by the Hall 18 entrance, within the Collections & Transport Zone of RWM Expo, next to the Local Authority Theatre.

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Elevating Voices, Driving Change
By providing a platform specifically designed for local authorities, the partnership ensures that their insights, challenges, and successes are at the forefront of the national discourse on sustainable resource management. This focus is not just about hearing their voices but about integrating valuable perspectives into actionable strategies that drive the industry forward.

Showcasing Innovations and Opportunities
The LARAC Lounge is set to be a dynamic arena where local authorities can engage directly with cutting-edge technologies and services. Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their innovations to a targeted audience of decision-makers, making the lounge an ideal setting for meaningful collaboration that can lead to tangible environmental advancements. Whether it's through interactive displays, thought leadership panels, or one-on-one meetings, the lounge aims to be a catalyst for progress and innovation in the sector.

Networking for the Future
The LARAC Lounge is for LA professionals to build relationships, exchange ideas, and unite over common goals. This focus on strategic networking is pivotal, as it lays the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships that extend well beyond the expo. It's about creating a community that is continuously engaged in dialogue and action, driving the sector towards more sustainable and effective waste and resource management practices.

Join Us at RWM Expo 2024
We invite all professionals in the environmental and waste management sectors to join us at RWM Expo 2024.  The expo is your opportunity to be part of a transformative event that is shaping the future of sustainability in the UK and beyond.

Join us at the LARAC Lounge and be part of the movement driving change in the heart of the UK's resource sector:

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Why Visit the LARAC Lounge?
For local authorities and waste management professionals, the LARAC Lounge offers a unique space to connect with peers and explore cutting-edge solutions tailored to the challenges and opportunities within municipal waste management. Whether it's engaging with the LARAC team, discovering innovative products, or simply networking with like-minded professionals, the lounge is your gateway to staying ahead in the resource space.

Why Exhibit at the LARAC Lounge?
Exhibiting at the LARAC Lounge presents an unrivalled opportunity to showcase your pioneering solutions to a specialised group of decision-makers in local Government waste and resource management. With options ranging from individual lounge pods to comprehensive sponsorship packages, exhibitors can expect maximised exposure and strategic networking opportunities that promise not only to amplify your brand but also to forge lasting relationships with key industry stakeholders.

For further details, and to explore the various opportunities available, please reach out to Amy Edwards at