LARAC has commended the principles and ambition shown by the London Mayor in the London Environment Strategy as part of its response to the recent consultation. LARAC pointed out that if the recycling ambitions are to be realised any future policies will need to be fully funded to have any chance of succeeding. LARAC believes this needs to be coupled with products being truly designed for recycling at their end of life and so has urged the Major to lobby on this so that stronger producer responsibility policies will help ensure this happens.

LARAC urged DEFRA to support the existing and comprehensive local authority kerbside collection systems in its response to the recent call for evidence on DRS for drinks containers. LARAC has stated that DRS could help provide and expand an on-the-go collection infrastructure where the concept of proper producer responsibility could help increase UK recycling levels. LARAC is concerned that a wider DRS scheme for the UK will duplicate the kerbside collections leading to loss of material and income for local authorities already battling severe budget cuts.

LARAC has given evidence, on behalf of its members, in front of the House of Commons Environment Audit Committee for their inquiry into plastic bottle and coffee cup recycling. LARAC had submitted written evidence in April this year and were invited to attend a session of the panel to provide more details on its stance on the subject.

All Champions at LARAC 2017 Celebration awards

17 Oct 2017 | and LARAC

East Ayrshire council’s Douglas Gardiner, was crowned recycling champion at the LARAC Celebration Awards 2017 in Nottingham this week.   LARAC2017DAYONEAWARDS166 RC17.jpg

LARAC has urged caution in the rush for Deposit Return Schemes in the UK in light of the latest report on the subject from Keep Britain Tidy Group. LARAC feels that a study based on a sample of just 1% of UK local authorities does not prove that DRS is suitable for the UK, pointing out that most countries with successful DRS systems implemented them before those countries had mature and robust kerbside collection schemes.