Pringles tubes now included in Bring Bank scheme.

The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK) and Sonoco Europe have signed an agreement which provides a UK-wide recycling solution for paper containers with metal ends, through ACE UK’s Bring Bank collection scheme.

Delivered in partnership by Re-Gen Waste and CIWM, the Re-Gen Academy provides bursaries for local authority waste management employees to access a range of learning and development services from CIWM, including face-to-face training, on-demand e-learning courses, and virtual training programmes.

From litter to marine environment - just what is that journey?

10 Mar 2021 |
Winnie Courtene-Jones, University of Plymouth

Defra has commissioned the University of Plymouth to review the terrestrial sources of litter and their pathways into the marine environment.

As part of this work, we are conducting interviews (40-60 mins) with members of local council waste teams, particularly those involved in kerbside collection or street cleansing.

Three Rivers confirmed as 2019/20 recycling champion

9 Mar 2021 |
James Langley,

Three Rivers District Council in Hertfordshire was officially the best local authority at recycling in 2019/20, figures published by Defra on 3rd March.

The council’s household waste recycling rate rose from 63% in 2018/19 to 64.1%.

South Oxfordshire District Council had the second highest recycling rate at 64%, while the champions of 2018/19, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, completed the top three with a rate of 63.3%.

National Waste Crime Survey 2021

25 Feb 2021 |
Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is establishing a biennial National Waste Crime Survey to inform the continual development of its intelligence-led approach to stop crime impacting the waste industry, the environment and communities.