LARAC is surprised that DEFRA appears to be pushing ahead with an all-in DRS, following  comments from Michael Gove on 16th July, when they are still going through the responses to the consultation on DRS which closed in May.

LARAC, along with large parts of the industry, called for DRS to be deferred while we implement the huge changes consistency and EPR will bring.

2019 LARAC Scholars

3 Jul 2019 |
LARAC Office

One day after our CEO, Lee Marshall and our Chair, Carole Taylor were attending the final event of the year for our 2018 scholars they had their heads down and were assessing the intake for 2019.  From a tour of a Manchester lamp and battery recycling plant followed by a roundtable discussion on how we increase the capture of small WEEE with last year's REPIC scholars, it was straight back to their various offices to start looking in detail at the applications for the 2019 intake. 

Government rules out landfill ban for textiles waste

19 Jun 2019 |
Caelia Quinault,

The government yesterday (18 June) rejected a call to ban used textiles from landfill and instead has pointed to proposals in the Resources & Waste Strategy and plans for more extended producer responsibility schemes.

In response, the Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by Labour’s Mary Creagh, hit out at the government for ‘rejecting’ what it said was a need to “act urgently to end the era of throwaway fashion”.

It seems that we can't stop writing about 'those consultations'.  

Like the proverbial London buses, they did all come at once, and unlike the same, we did manage to get them all in on time, and to our members in time for their own responses. 

If you missed our previous news pieces on the subject, we thought we'd give you the chance to have a summary of our responses to the consultations most relevant to our members, all in once place. 

So without further ado:

The LARAC Scholarship Programme is open!

22 May 2019 |
LARAC Office

It's that time again:  We are very pleased to announce that the application process for this year’s LARAC Conference Scholarship programme is now open.

If you are not aware of it,  the Scholarship programme enables 18 local authority officers to attend the conference free of charge and travel expenses covered as well.

This opportunity is brought to you with the support of REPIC. Over 250 Scholars have now attended the LARAC Conference through this programme, at no charge at all to their authorities.