WRAP makes Food Waste Action Week an annual event

18 May 2021 |
Robyn White,

WRAP has confirmed that its Food Waste Action Week, which took place during the first week of March, will now be an annual event with plans for 2022 already underway.

WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week campaign poster for 2021 featured rotting food taking over the globe

Spearheaded by the resources charity’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Food Waste Action Week 2022 will take place between  7- 13 March, and the charity is now urging organisations to sign up.

‘Incredible success’

Sarah Clayton, head of citizen behaviour change at WRAP said: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was an incredible success, especially considering the backdrop of the continuing pandemic. I thank all the businesses and organisations involved for their commitment during the Week, helping citizens make the link between wasting food and climate change.

“We are looking forward to making Food Waste Action Week 2022 an even greater success.”

‘Redouble our efforts’

Defra food waste champion, Ben Elliot, added: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was a fantastic success in raising awareness of the urgent issue of food waste and its links to climate change. WRAP’s programme made a real difference in helping citizens reduce their carbon footprint by empowering us all to take practical steps to minimise the amount of unnecessary food waste.

“We now need to redouble our efforts to encourage people to take action and to help fight climate change. I hope all of you across the food supply chain and beyond will join us for next year’s event.”

LARAC has welcomed the release of the government consultation on consistent collections but has stated that the greatly reduced consultation period of 8 weeks is unacceptable for a consultation covering such key policy changes.

LARAC is disappointed that Defra is still pursuing the imposition of free garden waste services despite the strong opposition to it from local authorities in the 2019 consultation. However, LARAC is pleased to see options presented that include charged for green waste collections, given over two thirds of councils now charge for this service


In partnership with Academii and supported by Ufi VocTech Trust, WAMITAB have developed two waste site safety games designed to overcome key learning barriers in the resource and waste management sector.

Repair Efficiency Wales – Online Repair Directory is live!

23 Apr 2021 |
James Kay, Resource Efficiency Wales

With a somewhat bumpy start to 2021 thanks to Covid, we have some great news to share which comes in the form of a new Online Repair Directory for the Collaborating Local Authorities in Resource Efficiency (CLAIRE) Wales Group Council areas, went live on 22 April! The Repair Efficiency Wales Online Repair Directory can be found on

Single-use plastic bans could differ across UK

20 Apr 2021 |
James Langley, letsrecycle

The sale of several single-use plastic items including plates and cutlery could be banned in Northern Ireland – but not in the rest of the UK – from 1 January 2022 or sooner.

This is because under the Northern Ireland Protocol, Northern Ireland must transpose “certain articles” of the Single-Use Plastic (SUP) Directive relating to placing single-use plastic goods on the market.