Working towards a better understanding of REUSE

22 May 2018 |
LARAC Office and Craig Anderson, Reuse Network

The Reuse Network (the rebranded FRN)  is in the middle of a launch campaign to try to push the UK public to better understand reuse and to help them realise that they can donate large household items to local charities.  Like other areas such as recycling, donations from the general public have recently flat-lined and are even decreasing in the reality of a pinched economy.  Reuse Network is reaching out to local authorities who may not be running bulky waste schemes, or who are looking to discontinue established schemes, to see if they can work together with local charities to provide a B

LARAC responds to HM Treasury consultation on plastics

16 May 2018 |
Dianne Hewgill, LARAC Policy Support Officer

LARAC has responded to the HM Treasury call for evidence on ‘Tackling the plastic problem’. The consultation explores how changes to the tax system or charging could be used to reduce single use plastics and what further economic incentives may be effective.

WRAP's European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) partner, RWS has published a Good Practice Guidance on clothing collections, aimed at helping to increase the amount of clothes collected.  They are now looking for ways to disseminate their guidance and are looking into the possibility of attending the next London Textiles Forum.  RWS recently hosted a two-day textiles study tour for Dakofa, the Danish Reuse and Recycling Network (

Championing the importance of recycling - this National Schools Partnership project might be something that is interesting for you to foster in your area

Help pupils aged 7-11 to become Glass Guardians with our exciting recycling education project in partnership with British Glass and Friends of Glass.

LARAC Starts Funding Debate

11 Apr 2018 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

LARAC has started an industry wide debate on the future of local authority waste and recycling funding with the publication of a new policy paper on the issue. LARAC urges the industry and governments to come together to turn the tide of cuts to local authority funding and inject much needed and ongoing finance into the municipal system. LARAC has made a number of recommendations which include serious research and consideration of direct charging in the UK, major producer responsibility reform and a managed process towards the standard use of the OPRL.