Representing LARAC Members

31 Aug 2017 |
Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair

Did I say the last quarter was a busy one? Well, there was certainly no slow-down in the run-up to the summer break. I represented LARAC on 9 occasions sharing some pretty knowledgeable company!

RWM 2017 – the resources event

4 Jul 2017 |
Nicola Meadows, RWM Event Director

Bigger, better and more collaborative, the UK’s premier event dedicated to Energy, Water, Recycling, Renewables and Waste Management is the 2017 knowledge-sharing hub for local authority resource management professionals. RWM Event director Nicola Meadows previews the show.

Decision-makers from local authorities dealing with the resource management sector negotiate with a wide range of overlapping industries, suppliers and government agencies. As such, it is crucial to be up-to-date with the opportunities and commercial issues affecting resource and waste management, and resource planning in local government.

The Endless Life of the Drink Can……..well 70% of them anyway

28 Jun 2017 |
Andy Doran, Novelis - LARAC Partner

Working in the recycling industry can begin to feel a bit like Groundhog Day. In part, that’s down to the continual recycling of Government policy, but also going round in circles is what we’re supposed to do in the circular economy.

LARAC 2016 Scholars still enjoying opportunities with REPIC

23 Jun 2017 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

If we are honest with ourselves most of us would admit to loving a site visit, who doesn’t like poking their noses into waste and bits of machinery?

Join #TravellersCheck for free! - HUBBUB's summer food waste campaign

6 Jun 2017 |

As many of you will know by now, Hubbub is an environmental charity taking a fresh approach to communicating sustainability to a mainstream audience.  We create fun and engaging campaigns, focusing on things people are passionate about such as fashion, food, their homes and neighbourhoods.