This time of year, usually brings a period of reflection and a look back on what has gone on.

The confusion issue is persistent, damaging and mistaken

1 Dec 2017 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

It has been a hectic couple of months for LARAC and I have found myself out and about quite a lot, representing the views of our members as best as I can to anyone who will listen. This has involved two packaging organisation related events and two Parliamentary Committees.


30 Oct 2017 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

It may already seem like a lifetime ago, but it was only a matter of days that we were in Nottingham for the annual UK LARAC Conference. As always, those two days flew by; we packed a lot of content into the programme. The last few years have seen an evolution of the event and we feel the mix of high level and detail, case studies and industry viewpoints and kicking off day two with the workshops is about right and what you want to see and experience.  Planning the conference is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.

Streets Ahead launches in Brighton & Hove

30 Oct 2017 |
Rebecca Dove, Hubbub - LARAC Partner

This summer we were delighted to work with Cityclean at Brighton & Hove Council to launch its new litter campaign #StreetsAhead. Here are our top highlights so far.

For many, Brighton & Hove is their playground of choice with a hugely diverse cultural offer and a buzzing seaside. But with 8.5 million visitors each year and 4 tonnes of rubbish being cleared from the beaches daily in the summer, the litter problem is unmissable.

Producing permits for garden waste used to be a real grind. Whether it was long, frantic hours scrawling addresses on permits in-house, or hours of admin, printing on a temperamental laser printer. The tedious hours of pack and dispatch…