With pressure on local authority budgets showing no sign of easing, funding for communications campaigns is not always available. However, help is at hand. Valpak is supporting councils and charities with consumer campaigns to raise awareness around WEEE and battery recycling. 

Best practice for battery recycling in 2021

22 Jul 2021 |
With fires caused by waste batteries on the rise, local authorities are focusing on solutions. James Nash, explains how Valpak is helping one council to drive greater volumes of battery and WEEE waste.

Worldwide figures from the UN’s global e-waste monitor1 show that electronics and electrical equipment waste is the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream. A record 53.6 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019, up 21 per cent in just five years. The 2020 report also predicts that global e-waste – discarded products with a battery or plug – will reach 74 metric tonnes by 2030.

As I write this, its Freedom Day, in England, or as some are calling it, the first day of the countdown to the next lockdown! This is supposed to be the final, irreversible stage of the Government’s roadmap for easing Covid-19 restrictions.

Time to take a deep breath ....

6 Jul 2021 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

... and exhale slowly. It is almost hard to remember what life was like before the consultations were released.

Recycling contamination: Understanding it and preventing it

6 Jul 2021 |
Sue Reed, Programme Delivery Manager @ WRAP

Recycling contamination, when materials are sorted into the wrong recycling container or not properly cleaned before finding their way into the waste stream, not only causes risks in terms of Health & Safety but often leads to increased costs associated with poore