The government set an objective in 2018 to ensure less food waste is sent to landfill by introducing consistent and nationwide collections for household food waste, outlined in their

Dealing with waste disposal efficiently and sustainably is an increasingly hot topic.


17 Aug 2021 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

Another month, another new word – pingdemic! No doubt you will have seen in the news, or even be experiencing yourself, a shortage of staff due this new phenomenon called a pingdemic. This is further exacerbated by the years of budget cuts councils have been forced to make, meaning that most waste services are now operating with the minimum of staff to begin with, all year round. Added to this is the HGV driver shortage and so it’s no wonder local authorities are having to withdraw certain services in order to maintain the more essential ones. However, as from Monday 16 August, those that are fully vaccinated can avoid the need to self-isolate, so hopefully this will help ease the situation a lot of councils are experiencing.

Move aside Consultations - it's time for Conferences!

3 Aug 2021 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

As we move into August and the restrictions we have been living and working under for the past 18 months continue to slowly ease, our attention is turning from consultations to conferences. First up will be the LARAC Scotland Conference on 24 August in Glasgow. This is free to LARAC members.

Approaches to material sales: A guide for local authorities

3 Aug 2021 |
Debbie Slater, Local Authorities Collections and Recycling Advisor, WRAP – LARAC Partner

Developing a sales strategy to maximise income from the materials you collect can be a tricky balance. While some factors which influence this, such as fluctuating market conditions, lie outside of an authority’s control, there are also opportunities which can be taken advantage of. Getting the strategy right for your area will benefit the income you achieve.