14 Oct 2021 |
Permiserv - LARAC Partner

Well, what can we say? It has been a very busy couple of months with the LARAC Shows and it has been so exciting to be able to see people and have conversations face to face after such a long period of time away from being able to do that!

Wow - it really happened!

13 Oct 2021 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

Was it really only last week we were gathered in Birmingham and settling into #LARAC2021 as LARAC Chair Carole Taylor gave the opening address of the conference? Hard to believe it was and in a way hard to believe it happened.

With RWM 2021 promising to be the UK’s leading event for the recycling, resource, and waste management industry, the pressure was on for the new organisers, ROAR B2B, to deliver an event that truly connected the industry after nearly 2 years of unprecedented times. 

Recycling: Are you a guesser or checker?

4 Oct 2021 |
Mark Roberts, Lead Analyst, WRAP

As in previous years, WRAP’s 2021 Recycling Tracker showed that whilst there is an established social norm and a trend towards more recycling, there is a key opportunity to reduce contamination.

CMPD Solutions are proud to be working with Councils and organisations providing an Environmentally Friendly Garden Waste Label Permit Solution.