LARAC's message is getting out there

19 Jun 2018 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

You will be aware that LARAC released a policy paper a short time ago looking at possible future of funding for local authorities. It was designed to raise the issue and ask questions more than it was designed to provide the answers, although we hoped that some of the answers were in there.

One of these policy areas we waded into was direct charging and it was predictably the one that raised the most eyebrows and created the most discussion. Perhaps less predictably was the response from with the industry. There was quite a lot of support for the concept of direct charging generally, notwithstanding the large hurdles that would need to be cleared for it to be adopted in the UK.

RWM has developed and built an incredibly strong reputation throughout the recycling and waste industry. Building on this reputation and adding value to the already recognised show was a goal set out by Prysm Group upon acquiring the event.

Helping Councils boost recycling rates for food and garden waste

8 May 2018 |
James Lee, Managing Director Cromwell Polythene
James Lee explores simple steps that can be taken to reduce food and garden waste waste

A United Kingdom of Quality Recycling

24 Apr 2018 |
Peter Clayson, DS Smith Recycling - LARAC Partner

UK recycling rates are stagnating, China has closed its borders to mixed papers and plastics, and there is widespread confusion around what can be recycled in the home. The current stresses could have been side-stepped if the UK focused on quality, writes Peter Clayson of DS Smith Recycling.

Since the Tour de France, cycling participation has increased significantly with over 18,000 more people cycling in Yorkshire according to Sport England figures (Active People Survey, 2015).