Covid-19 and its impact on wider policy issues

24 Mar 2020 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

I’m sure you are all still reeling from the developments of the last few weeks, and the latest announcement from the Government that we must all stay at home where possible.

LARAC On Covid-19

24 Mar 2020 |
LARAC Office

It’s important, right now, for us all to be as transparent and as communicative as possible. A big advantage of facing huge problems in these times is that we can be in touch, we can share issues, concerns and even solutions. LARAC has been working hard on behalf of its members and engaging with DEFRA, Devolved Governments, the wider industry and other local authority organisations since this crisis started.

Recycling in a time of crisis……..

24 Mar 2020 |
Andy Doran, Senior Manager, Sustainability and Recycling Development, Novelis - LARAC Partner

They say that nature abhors a vacuum, but right now anything to slows down or delay the onward transmission of the corona virus could be viewed as a good thing. Governments around the world have acted to fill that space and been reacting with different policies and at different timescales but with a common objective – delay, delay, delay.

Notwithstanding recent floods and blizzards, members of the Exec and our CEO have been busy representing LARAC members at many meetings.  We thought it might be informative to start keeping members abreast of the interactions and meetings we are having 'behind the scenes', as well as those we can report on. It really is like the proverbial iceberg - so much more is taking place than maybe immediately apparent. 

Keeping our voices heard

10 Mar 2020 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

I have never been one for the Walking Dead type programmes but with all the flooding and the Coronavirus there is a depressing feel to the world at the moment and a thought of why bother? That said it is not the LARAC way and for now at least the wheels keep on turning and things carry on.