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Cromwell Polythene’s manufacturing and recycling division, Cromwell Plastics Recycling, has donated 500 kilos of blue polythene film to a fundraising partnership of volunteers and marine businesses making personal protective equipment for the NHS.

Yesterday, 21st May, Nicola Sturgeon announced that on 28th May Scotland would progress to phase one of the route map taking Scotland through and out of the Coronavirus Crisis.  For waste and recycling that means that HWRCs will begin to re-open from 28th May, with many planning to re-open on 1st June.  Link to the Scotland Routemap
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21st May The Survey results are in for Week 8 - commencing 18th May.   Thanks to all of you who took part.

NB:  on 15th May Defra issued Updated Guidance: Managing HWRCs in England during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic - with Guidance to help LAs make decision on opening HWRCs and suggested messages to residents (also on our Defra page below)

LARAC’s evidence to this enquiry was given in both written and in person at the select committee hearing back in June and is quoted in the evidence they presented to government last September.  Our initial plea at the committee hearing was for closer consultations with local authorities. ...

Thursday 21st May 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm

There are now only a few people who do not believe in the climate emergency facing planet Earth and most accept that society must play a critical role addressing this crisis, but which sector’s should we focus our efforts on to go carbon net zero by 2050, and just what are the risks and opportunities for the resources & waste sector?

In 2016, the UK’s consumers spent over £75bn on clothing, footwear and household textiles, with the global textiles market estimated to be valued at £959 billion by 2025. It’s a vast industry, but a high percentage of these garments end up as waste, as the garments are not designed to be repaired or recycled, thus furthering the environmental impacts on top of those that come from the production stage.