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Behind the scenes with the Clear on Plastics campaign

9 Feb 2021 |
Viktoria Salisbury, Behaviour Change Project Manager, WRAP

Well, here we are in February; and I for one am not quite sure where the time has gone since our last Clear on Plastics blog back in October. We’ve all since worked through a second lockdown and entered a third, and despite the many challenges that brings, the Clear on Plastics campaign has rolled on, continuing to build momentum, and cut through the confusion on plastics. Here, we’ll recap what’s been achieved and look ahead to what’s in store in 2021.

Has fly tipping reached a critical point?

8 Feb 2021 |
Mike Nicholls, Commercial Director, Whitespace Waste Management Software

Fly tipping increased by 80% last year – and this worrying trend shows no signs of slowing. Councils must respond quickly to stop waste blighting our countryside.

In many ways, the social restrictions of the past year have encouraged positive behaviours. We’ve learned to find joy in the smaller things and value family and friendships. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has also caused a rise in some antisocial behaviours – one of which is fly tipping.

Positive New Year throws us forward into 2021

2 Feb 2021 |
Permiserv - LARAC Partner

January can always bring the blues but the start to this year has been a ray of sunshine after the turbulence experienced in 2020.

Spring is about to come and the flowers are about to start blooming, the weather is about to start changing and the sun will shine through all of this darkness. Everyone is joining us with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, not only for chargeable garden waste but also the year ahead with new and exciting products being launched (watch this space).

Councils are understanding the need to go into this year with a plan to be able to start recouping money which has been wisely spent in other areas in 2020. This has meant we here at PermiServ have seen an increase in the rate of enquiries regarding chargeable garden waste and finding a solution for individual Councils, which is wonderful!

Small changes, big results

1 Feb 2021 |
Chaya Fernando, Fairport Containers - LARAC Partner

Fairport successfully tendered for the provision to retro fit reversible lids on behalf of London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) on 20th October 2020.

LBTH were looking to acquire a specialist service for their pre-existing four wheelie steel bins across the council’s site.

LBTH invited suitably qualified and experienced contractors to convert existing recycling bins into reverse-lidded recycling bins.

Out of adversity comes opportunity…..

27 Jan 2021 |
Andy Doran, Senior Manager, Sustainability and Recycling Development, Novelis - LARAC Partner

It feels somehow beholden of me to open with a positive sentiment toward 2021, and the opportunities ahead! 

As we closed 2020 on a European level, Novelis was pleased to celebrate the continuing upward trend on aluminium beverage can recycling, attaining 76.1% for the year 2018.