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WRAP is supporting DEFRA, DAERA, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Government with the emerging waste and resource policy and it is essential that we have accurate, up to date information to underpin this work. We are seeking to understand current trends and insights regarding Anaerobic Digestion (AD), In-Vessel Composting (IVC), Energy from Waste (EfW), non-hazardous landfill, and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF).

New LARAC Chair and Vice Chair

17 Nov 2021 |
LARAC Office

LARAC has announced that Cathy Cook is to become the eleventh Chair of LARAC, taking over from Carole Taylor in January 2022. Cathy, who is Senior Advisor at ReLondon, is currently one of the two Vice Chairs of LARAC. Cathy has vast experience of working for and with local authorities during her career.

It's goodbye from him ...

10 Nov 2021 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

I believe this is the 136th time I have written a column in LARAC Online (44 as Chair, 92 as CEO). And it is very strange to think that it will also be the last one.

I was the 45th person to join the LARAC Executive, way back in April 2002, nearly 20 years ago. I was lucky enough to hold various positions during my time on the Exec, including Chair for four years. I was then also lucky enough to come back as CEO in April 2014 and work for the organisation full time.

The organisation has played a big part in my professional life and so it was not an easy decision to move away from it.

WRAP can provide support to LAs looking to improve services and support the fight against climate change.

Working closely with DEFRA, we are well placed to help you prepare for any future policy changes.

With the local authority 2020-21 recycling rates for Wales due from Stats Wales later this month and the figures for 2019-20 showing a 65% recycling rate for Wales, I have been asked to share some of the experience in Wales for a wider audience. With the forthcoming changes following from the Resources and Waste Strategy in England, there are hopefully insights that will be useful for those contemplating changes in their own services.