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Recycle Week, it’s time to act

3 Sep 2019 |
Craig Stephens, Resource and Campaigns Manager., WRAP

On September 23rd, Recycle Week 2019 will kick off with a huge out of home, PR, and advertising campaign across the nation. We are bringing schools, businesses, councils, and citizens together to show that we can all make a difference. An extensive social media campaign will support the action, with influencers and brands lined up to help spread the message.

It's an unpleasant twist on the phrase 'What's in your Bin?' - a horrific twist when you find, it's a sleeping person.  It may be a homeless person looking for somewhere warm and protected from passers by or a person who's been drinking and has no real sense of what they are doing.  Either way it's a person - and a bin is definitely not a safe place to sleep, as recent deaths have illustrated. 

Valpak Retail WEEE Services (VRWS) has announced that the next round of its project fund for Local Authorities is now open for applications.

Under the UK WEEE regulations, distributors (retailers) of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) are required to either offer in-store take-back or join the Distributor Take-Back Scheme (DTS).

What’s Brexit got to do with Bins?

20 Aug 2019 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

In my last piece I mentioned the “consultation lull” and we were waiting to hear the outcome of the DEFRA consultations. They appeared sooner than anticipated, and we now know that there will be further consultations in spring 2020.

The Health & Safety Executive – A step change in the right direction?

20 Aug 2019 |
Ashley Wild, LARAC Health and Safety

Talking about the HSE can always be a contentious issue, especially if you have been subject to enforcement action. Therefore, perceptions will differ greatly depending on who you talk to.