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A new resource-sharing platform will be launched by CIWM next week enabling local authorities in urgent need of support during the coronavirus crisis to link up with private sector contractors with resources to spare.

WRAP support during COVID-19

7 Apr 2020 |
Claire Shrewsbury, Head of Government and Communities, WRAP – LARAC Partner

We are all in the midst of a global health emergency; business as usual no longer applies. We recognise the pressure many of you are under – and that all of us face as parents, children, siblings and friends.

Covid-19 and its impact on wider policy issues

24 Mar 2020 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

I’m sure you are all still reeling from the developments of the last few weeks, and the latest announcement from the Government that we must all stay at home where possible.

LARAC On Covid-19

24 Mar 2020 |
LARAC Office

It’s important, right now, for us all to be as transparent and as communicative as possible. A big advantage of facing huge problems in these times is that we can be in touch, we can share issues, concerns and even solutions. LARAC has been working hard on behalf of its members and engaging with DEFRA, Devolved Governments, the wider industry and other local authority organisations since this crisis started.

Covid-19 Guidance and Updates

24 Mar 2020 |
LARAC Office

To date there has not actually been much waste related guidance released. Currently local authorities are enacting their own contingency plans with little dictate from central government. To a certain extent this allows for the local circumstances you must contend with. Defra has been very much in information gathering mode, not information giving mode, but below is what we have so far: