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Be the change

30 Apr 2019 |
Sarah Clayton, Head of Citizen Behaviour Change, WRAP

Extinction Rebellion. Greta Thunberg. Student climate strikes. It seems everywhere we look people are demanding action on climate change. Google’s search data confirms it, with searches for ‘climate change’ increased five-fold since the beginning of April, largely due to the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

Local authority focussed content at RWM this year

23 Apr 2019 |
Laura Hollingsworth, RWM

RWM is proud to announce its continued partnership with LARAC, The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee. This partnership builds on RWM’s long-running commitment of having local authority focussed content, which you will be able to see at the event which takes place on the 11th and 12th September at the NEC Birmingham.

Landfill diversion boosts revenue

16 Apr 2019 |
Emily Hare, Waste & Resource Traceability Manager, Valpak

On 1 April, Landfill Tax rose to £91.35 per tonne. The arrival of the tax 23 years ago introduced the concept of environmental taxation, and it has since been credited with an astounding move away from landfill as the default option.

Bonfires to Bouncy Castles….and a high fatality rate

16 Apr 2019 |
Ashley Wild, LARAC Health and Safety

Finally, the weather is set to take a turn for the better after what seems to be the longest winter I can remember. This change in season has made me think about how health & safety emphasis changes throughout the year from Bonfire ‘best practice’ issued in October to ‘safety advice’ recently issued by the HSE regarding Bouncy Castles. Every industry has hidden risks and the potential for accident, injury and even death and we need to prepare well for what might lie around the corner, this is illustrated today quite starkly, as I write this Notre Dame is burning …

Consultations countdown continues ...

16 Apr 2019 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

Well, we are now 43 days in and that means 70% of the way through the consultation period. As I am sure it has been with all of you, work here has been furious and unrelenting, although it does feel a bit like the end might be in sight. That said the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee then decide now is a good time to chuck in a call for evidence on the impact to local authorities of the Resources and Waste Strategy.