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Retailers prepare to take back WEEE instore

15 Dec 2020 |
From January 2021 large electronic retailers will be obliged to take back waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in-store. James Langley examines how it’s all going to work

In a shake-up of recycling obligations, large retailers who have a turnover for sales of electronic equipment in excess of £100,000 will be required to take back WEEE instore from 2021.

Previously, retailers who sold electrical goods could pay a fee which covered their recycling obligations under the distributor take-back scheme (DTS). The money was passed to local authorities to fund WEEE collection facilities at civic amenity sites and household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

2020 – the one where everything was online!

15 Dec 2020 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

In true 2020 fashion, the annual joint LARAC/CIWM event was held online last month, and I co-chaired the event with Jenny Robinson, NW Centre councillor for CIWM. We had four excellent speakers – Robert Vaughan (DEFRA), Sarah Ottoway (Suez), Kinza Sutton (Plastipak) and Chris Mills (WRAP). Between them they gave an insightful view on the progress of the Resources and Waste Strategy and the effect on industry. If you missed it, you can go on this link to get a copy of the recording.

'Elf and Safety’ - seasonal thoughts

14 Dec 2020 |
Ashley Wild, LARAC Health and Safety

Debenhams set to close its doors in 2021 after 242 years on the British High Street, the word ‘Lockdown’ becoming the Collins Dictionary word of the year, and the phrase ‘Covid secure’ being part of everyday conversation, it’s certainly been a tumultuous year.

Pandemic pressures have created an opportunity to improve waste management

14 Dec 2020 |
Mike Nicholls, Commercial Director, Whitespace Waste Management Software

2020 has been an extraordinary year for local authority services. With more people than ever working from home and staying indoors, waste management teams have dealt with huge volumes of household refuse – and it’s put current processes under strain.

But the story isn’t all doom and gloom. Pandemic pressures have provided councils with an opportunity for metamorphosis; a chance to innovate the way your region manages municipal waste.

The Environment Agency updated its guidance for Technically Competent Managers (TCM) attendance during Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions on 7th December

Many operators are concerned about how they can satisfy attendance requirements whilst sites are running on reduced staffing levels while staff maybe ill or self-isolating.