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Pendle in the national news

18 Aug 2020 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

Many of you will know that in my day job, I work for Pendle Council which has now become famous (or should it be infamous?) in recent weeks for having a high number of Covid-19 cases. This has resulted in extra restrictions in place locally, and any further lockdown easing is paused.

As the country entered lockdown in late March, many Local Authorities across the country shut the gates on their Household Waste and Recycling centres (HWRCs) as part of their bid to slow the spread of Covid-19 and protect staff and residents.

However, as March turned quickly into May the pressure from local residents and central government to re-open sites ramped up.

Carpet Recyclers in search of carpet waste

14 Aug 2020 |
LARAC Office

Carpet Recycling UK has let us know that their carpet recycling members are actively looking for carpet waste.

So if local authority members have carpet waste looking for a home, they are are waiting to hear from you.

Here is the latest list of Carpet Recyclers supplied to us by Carpet Recycling UK.

7th August:  The Survey Report, Survey Results and Survey Trends documents for the week beginning 3rd August are now available on or Useful Documents page. 

3rd August: WISH has issued Version 8 of COVID_19 and Waste Management Activities (Information sheet 13).  The significant changes include the mention of employees returning from furlough and the move from 7 - 10 days of self-isolation, further tips and advice on risk assessment and additions on masks and face-coverings, including a new appendix 1 to this information sheet, on the pros and cons of face-coverings and masks.

Consistency, DRS and EPR - A flurry of activity from Defra

4 Aug 2020 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

I had to check when I last did a blog for LARAC Online and it was five months ago back in March. In it I talked about the various stakeholder meetings I and members of the Executive had been going to for consistency, DRS and EPR.