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Where we are with 'those consultations'

19 Mar 2019 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

If you are reading this on the Wednesday this LARAC Online comes out, you are 21 working days into the 61 days of the consultation period. That is 34% of the way through. So, it would appear time flies when you are not having fun as well.

Kicking the can down the road……

19 Mar 2019 |
Andy Doran, Novelis Senior Manager - Sustainability and Recycling Development

There have been various comments in the media recently using the idiom ‘kicking the can down the road’. 

Knee deep and wading through ...

6 Mar 2019 |
Carole Taylor, LARAC Chair

By now I expect many of you are knee deep trying to wade through the four consultation documents that were launched 2 weeks ago, with a total of 489 pages to read (including impact assessments) and 300 questions to answer, this will be no easy task and not forgetting we still have day jobs to do as well.  Hopefully the information we are sharing with you, our members, is proving useful and you are aware of (and maybe booked onto) the five consultation workshops

Using two-part feedback to tackle contamination

6 Mar 2019 |
Julia Bragg, Recycling & Collections Adviser, WRAP (LARAC Partner)

We are surrounded by feedback. Rate your meal, your Uber trip, or your hotel stay. The value of feedback hit home to me recently during an exercise class. The teacher said “foot on the floor” three times, but I thought that one foot on the floor was plenty.

Community RePaint, run by Resource Futures, an independent environmental consultancy, celebrated 25 years of paint recycling in 2018, diverting over 5.5 million litres of paint from the waste stream across the UK.

The network of paint reuse schemes, which was founded in 1993 as a small pilot project in Leeds, now numbers 65 active schemes across the UK, but there are still large gaps of coverage especially in Scotland, Northern Ireland and some areas of England. Key areas of focus in 2019 include London, Birmingham, Scotland and South Wales.