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Mad Mother is a mother of a toddler. During lockdown she has been inspired to undertake some further research into climate change and has started a blog. She intends to write and publish one letter a week to business owners, industry bodies, law makers and regulators in order to highlight her experiences and help them to help ordinary people make a real difference to the climate. We were copied into this one, so we thought we should respond ...

The Impact of COVID-19 on Household Waste Collections - what we have learned

1 Sep 2020 |
Sue Reed, Programme Area Manager, Collections and Recycling WRAP – LARAC Partner

The impact of COVID-19 this year was an unparalleled challenge for everyone involved in the collection and disposal of waste. To get an idea of how the lockdown affected household waste streams, and local authorities’ responses to it, we spoke to officers from 27 local authorities across England, from Tyneside in the North East to Dorset in the South West. The feedback we received provides a valuable and nuanced insight – read more in this month’s blog from WRAP.

Environment Agency alters standard rules for some materials

1 Sep 2020 |
Robyn White,

The Environment Agency has published a response document on its standard rules consultation (number 21), covering both mattress and tyre recycling, as well as paper, card and plastic bulking.

The response document was released on 24 August and follows a consultation which ran for 15 weeks between October 2019 and January 2020.

Working together to bring about the best change

25 Aug 2020 |
Julie Fourcade, Head of External Affairs at FCC Environment - LARAC Partner

As summer draws to a close, we hit a further milestone in the now long list of unprecedented COVID-19 events: six months since lockdown first came into effect in the UK.

Our day-to-day working and living practices have changed and continue to change; we know there can be no return to ‘normal’. But the norms and values that govern our society continue, as do the laws by which we abide.

UK ranks 11th in EU recycling table

18 Aug 2020 |
Joshua Doherty,

Official statistics published by the European Commission show that the UK remained the 11th highest recycler in the EU in 2018, with a rate of 43.86%.  

The figures – published in July and covering the 2018 calendar year – show this is to be below the EU-average of 47.2%.  However the annual statistics show that the UK landfills significantly less than the EU on average and sends more for energy recovery, as highlighted in the table below.