LARAC responds to EPR Consultation

8 Jun 2021 |
LARAC Office

LARAC has given broad support to proposals for full net cost recovery in the recent consultation on EPR for packaging. However, LARAC continues to express concern about the use of reference costs within the consultation as they go against the concept of full net cost recovery that is at the centre of EPR reforms. LARAC also believes that material sales should lie with producers who are better placed to deal with the fluctuations in market values than local authorities are.

LARAC responds to DRS Consultation

7 Jun 2021 |
LARAC Office

In its response to the recent Government consultation on a possible DRS, LARAC has firmly stated that a DRS should be deferred until after policies on EPR and Consistency have had a chance to work. LARAC added that deferring will also allow proper research into the possibility of a digital based DRS in the UK as well as understanding the full impacts that the Covid-19 pandemic might have on the operation of a DRS.

New film to tackle racism from Bristol Waste

4 Jun 2021 |
Bristol Waste Company

At Bristol Waste we believe all our staff have the right to work without fear of discrimination. When we heard that this is not always a reality for some of our colleagues, we knew we wanted to act and let everyone know that we will not tolerate abuse. We will challenge it. And we will report it.

WRAP makes Food Waste Action Week an annual event

18 May 2021 |
Robyn White,

WRAP has confirmed that its Food Waste Action Week, which took place during the first week of March, will now be an annual event with plans for 2022 already underway.

WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week campaign poster for 2021 featured rotting food taking over the globe

Spearheaded by the resources charity’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Food Waste Action Week 2022 will take place between  7- 13 March, and the charity is now urging organisations to sign up.

‘Incredible success’

Sarah Clayton, head of citizen behaviour change at WRAP said: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was an incredible success, especially considering the backdrop of the continuing pandemic. I thank all the businesses and organisations involved for their commitment during the Week, helping citizens make the link between wasting food and climate change.

“We are looking forward to making Food Waste Action Week 2022 an even greater success.”

‘Redouble our efforts’

Defra food waste champion, Ben Elliot, added: “Food Waste Action Week 2021 was a fantastic success in raising awareness of the urgent issue of food waste and its links to climate change. WRAP’s programme made a real difference in helping citizens reduce their carbon footprint by empowering us all to take practical steps to minimise the amount of unnecessary food waste.

“We now need to redouble our efforts to encourage people to take action and to help fight climate change. I hope all of you across the food supply chain and beyond will join us for next year’s event.”

LARAC has welcomed the release of the government consultation on consistent collections but has stated that the greatly reduced consultation period of 8 weeks is unacceptable for a consultation covering such key policy changes.

LARAC is disappointed that Defra is still pursuing the imposition of free garden waste services despite the strong opposition to it from local authorities in the 2019 consultation. However, LARAC is pleased to see options presented that include charged for green waste collections, given over two thirds of councils now charge for this service