7th August:  The Survey Report, Survey Results and Survey Trends documents for the week beginning 3rd August are now available on or Useful Documents page. 

3rd August: WISH has issued Version 8 of COVID_19 and Waste Management Activities (Information sheet 13).  The significant changes include the mention of employees returning from furlough and the move from 7 - 10 days of self-isolation, further tips and advice on risk assessment and additions on masks and face-coverings, including a new appendix 1 to this information sheet, on the pros and cons of face-coverings and masks.

Recent updates from Defra highlight changes to laws and regulations which will be brought about by implementing the Circular Economy Package (CEP) - transposing it into UK law.

Call for LARAC members to join waste tracking user panel

29 Jul 2020 |
Cindy Lee, SEPA on behalf of the UK Waste Tracking Team

The four UK governments and environment agencies are working together on a project to develop a UK-wide electronic waste tracking service to capture information on the movement of non-hazardous, hazardous and international shipments of green list waste.

Urgent cross-sector action is required to develop a recycling system for soft flexible plastic packaging, like plastic bags and wrapping, according to WRAP.

Councils express waste budget concerns

30 Jun 2020 |
James Langley, letsrecycle

In recent days, the national press has widely reported councils may have to declare themselves effectively bankrupt as a result of the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

Financial challenges have arisen throughout the pandemic, the implications of which could be felt by councils for some time.