RWM 2020

RWM 2020 Update
The RWM team are busy planning for the new 2020 dates in November. We recently made the decision to move RWM back several weeks to the 3rd & 4th November, this has been following close collaboration with all the stakeholders including the venue, our partners, our customers and our visitors. We will be able to use this additional time to continue to develop our planned improvements for RWM including initiatives such as our dedicated Local Authority Lounge (More details below).

Bradley Maule-ffinch, ROAR B2B Group Managing Director commented, “We are so excited to be part of the next phase of development for RWM and despite it being a difficult and trying time we are undaunted and focused on bringing you an event in 2020 that connects the industry, showcases ground-breaking developments, innovations, and shares expertise & learning. We have a big plans for RWM and one of these key objectives is to make sure RWM is a place where visitors from Local Authorities can find the products, expertise and networking opportunities to make it somewhere safe and secure which is worth them taking time out of their busy week for.

Our approach
As the new owners of RWM, Roar B2B think differently about events, we will always put the community we represent at the heart of the event, we work towards building conference level content but providing it for free and promise to deliver a program with some real wow moments! We are excited to share several changes that we are confident will appreciated by LARAC members.

Local Authority lounge
We appreciate the huge role local authorities play in the recycling and waste management sector and also how difficult it can be to visit. It’s not uncommon for some to have to take holiday to attend, for example so we are pleased to be able to launch a dedicated local authority lounge. This free lounge will be strictly for the use of visitors from local authorities. Its aim is to provide a comfortable place with free refreshments, seating and content tailored specifically for local authorities professionals. There are also meeting rooms and charging points – we hope this will go some way to improving the experience of visiting RWM be a dedicated lounge for local authority professionals to relax and network with peers.

Outdoor space
Visitor feedback from local authorities has highlighted the desire to see more machinery and equipment, especially in action, so we are pleased to relaunching our outside demonstration area. With an increased outdoor space, we’re looking to increase the amount of demonstrations, the range of equipment available and improve the weather in November (in all seriousness we’re looking at plans in case the British weather does its thing).

RWM 360 Club
RWM is part of the community and the community should be part of RWM and as part of this we’re pleased to launch the RWM 360 Club. The RWM 360 club is an important group of people who will be supporting the industry through insight and knowledge, as well as driving the content and experience of RWM. With the help of this group we can build a knowledge base that will support the industry, increase engagement, showcase innovation, and share knowledge. We would therefore like to invite you to join this new group, to have your say and shape the RWM of 2020 and the future. To find out more or if you are interested in becoming a member, please click on the below link and enter your details:

Finally, we’d like to say thank you to the hard work of LARAC members during these difficult months and we look forward to welcoming you all to RWM in November.