Resources and Waste Strategy Unwrapped

With consultations from Defra on the Resources and Waste Strategy being published in late January, this conference will provide essential advice, guidance and discussion.

​Starting with a high-level set of speakers, the conference will detail the aims of the Strategy and then explore the consultation documents.

​The event will help you shape your responses on subjects including: Consistency in local authority recycling and waste services; a Deposit Return Scheme; a tax on plastic containers without a 30% recycled content; and reforms to the packaging waste system through changes to Extended Producer Responsibility.

Emphasis on the day will be for a set of presentations on the core topics and then contain panels of sector experts to focus in on specific topics. There will be plenty of opportunity to network and discuss topics with colleagues from inside and outside your own area of expertise.

​The event is expected to be of interests to local authorities, reprocessors, retailers, the waste management sector, packaging companies, manufacturers and all those involved in the circular economy.

Standard fee: £245 + VAT
Partners fee: £160 + VAT (CIWM, ESA and Resource Association)  
Local authority: £85 + VAT (Only 2 members at this rate, £130 for any additional delegates)

Supported by LARAC