Next steps for tackling plastic waste - increasing recycling, reducing plastic use, and supporting the development of sustainable alternatives

Morning, Thursday, 5th November 2020

Dr Marcus Gover, Chief Executive Officer, WRAP
Dawn Woodward, Deputy Head, Resource and Waste, Defra
Martin Curtois, Veolia; Adrian Griffiths, Recycling Technologies; Malene Møhl, Copenhagen Municipality; Bryony Rothwell, Cambridgeshire County Council; Beth Simpson, Anthesis and Michael Stevens, Symphony Environmental.

Chaired by:
Mark Pawsey MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Packaging Manufacturing Industry

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This conference will be an opportunity to assess priorities for reducing avoidable plastic waste, including:

  • strategies for driving business and individual behaviour change,
  • improving domestic recycling management, and
  • promoting the use of sustainable materials.

We expect discussion on the day to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 on waste management and those working in the sector - as well as how clinical and public health measures put in place will affect the policy drive to bear down on single use plastics.

Key areas for discussion include extended producer responsibility, deposit return schemes and consistent collection policies. Live Agenda