Improving textile collection in Europe: opportunities, challenges and good practices

This webinar aims to inspire, provide knowledge and call for action among the cities and regions of ACR+’s network. From 2025, it is compulsory for municipalities of the European Union to collect textiles. In parallel, for the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) improving collection is one of the objectives. This webinar is meant to encourage municipalities to think about it and take action. What can municipalities do to collect (more) textiles or to optimize collection? How do they take the next step?



Introduction (Philippe Micheaux Naudet, Deputy Secretary General, ACR+)

Setting the scene: What is ECAP? Why textiles? Opportunities and challenges (Emile Bruls, Dutch ministry of infrastructure and water management - Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands)

Used textile collection in European cities: obstacles and challenges  (David Watson, Plan Miljo, Denmark)

City of Antwerp: organization of the textile collection, successes, ambitions and necessary improvements (Sam Elinck, project coordinator “de Collectie”, De Kringwinkel Antwerpen, Belgium)

Social inclusion: What are opportunities and challenges? How do you ensure continuity and quality? (Michiel Westerhoff, Circulus-Berkel, The Netherlands)

Q&A session

Conclusions (Philippe Micheaux Naudet, Deputy Secretary General, ACR+)