H2Boost Project Webinar (organic, paper & cardboard waste feedstock for biohydrogen production)

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Online Webinar
25 Apr 2024


New opportunities for biohydrogen production and carbon capture for organic, paper and cardboard waste 


Led by the Biorenewables Development Centre, the H2Boost Project partners aim to develop biohydrogen through the treatment of bio-based feedstocks and by-products via anaerobic digestion, microbial CO2 capture and storage.

Partners want to talk to local authorities and waste management companies handling local authority waste to gain an understanding of the supply chain for these feedstocks. 

On 25th April join a short webinar to explain more about the aims of the project or for an informal discussion beforehand contact Sara on sara.goodhead@york.ac.uk

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Date: 25 April
Time: 10am - 12pm
Location: Online