Defra/WRAP Workshop: Promoting re-use at Household Waste Recycling Centres through local authority procurement

Monday 19 October 2015 (afternoon) 

Defra and WRAP are working with a range of stakeholders to identify ways to encourage the re-use and repair of more of our goods, given the social, economic and environmental benefits this can offer.  As part of this work we are keen to understand better the role that local authority procurement can play in encouraging more re-use when contracts are commissioned for the management of Household Waste and Recycling Centres and the collection of bulky household waste.  We want to learn from best practice and support local authorities in ensuring their procurement decisions are informed by a full understanding of the potential benefits that re-use can offer to different parts of the authority.

To help with this, we are organising a half-day facilitated workshop in London on Monday 19 October to gather evidence on local authority procurement practices and increase awareness of the benefits of re-use.  Tea and coffee will be provided.


• To understand the importance local authorities attach to re-use activities, relative to other objectives and pressures, and the barriers to promoting re-use as part of procurement processes (recognising in particular the budgetary pressures currently affecting authorities)

• To develop our understanding of the potential of re-use as a means of managing material, generating budget savings and delivering environmental and social benefits

• To support local authorities in increasing re-use, including through raising awareness of the tools and materials that are available to support increased re-use; and to inform the further development of those tools and materials.

Why attend?

Increasing re-use can generate significant budgetary savings for local authorities as well as delivering important social and environmental benefits (in line with the principles of the Public Services (Social Value) Act).  The workshop will explore these benefits more fully and offer insight into how they can be realised through adjustments to procurement processes.

Who should attend?

Local authority procurement managers, waste and recycling managers, sustainability managers, and specialists from waste disposal authorities.  We are keen to talk to managers from authorities that do not currently promote re-use through procurement, as well as those that do.  We would particularly encourage participation by local authorities whose HWRC and waste disposal contracts are due for renewal in the fairly near future. 


If you are interested in participating in the workshop or would like to find out more, please contact the team at  Please register your interest in attending by Friday 9 October.  Please note that places are limited so we may not be able accommodate everyone with an interest.