Regional Waste Planning Structures and Arrangements


Statutory Guidance PPS 10 will be revised taking into account the future revocation of Regional Spatial Strategies (RSSs).  There will also be new requirements (under the rWFD) to take the waste hierarchy into account in waste planning.  

Northern Ireland

The 26 local authorities in Northern Ireland have formed into three sub-regional waste management groups for the delivery and development of waste management plans and infrastructure, for benchmarking and sharing best practice:

  • ARC21 
  • North West Region Waste management Group (NWRWMG) 
  • Southern Waste Management Partnership (SWaMP2008)

The three waste management groups in Northern Ireland have each prepared a waste management plan for their respective region for the period 2006 – 2020 in order to meet the NI Waste Management Strategy objectives (due for review when the updated National Waste Management Strategy is published).


The National Waste Management Plan (Scotland) Regulations 2007 transferred the duty to prepare a National Waste Management Plan from SEPA to the SG.

Scotland currently has 11 Waste Strategy Areas, each producing an Area Waste Plan (plans under review as part of the move toward Zero Waste Scotland).


There are 3 regional waste planning areas in Wales which include the North Region, the South East Wales Region and the South Wales Region.

Review of the Regional Waste Plans in 2009 helped shape Toward Zero Waste, the Welsh Waste Strategy 2010

To reduce the administrative burden placed on local authorities through Assembly Government planning requirements, the Welsh Plan Rationalisation Programmed places no requirement on local authorities to produce individual waste management plans.