WISH Forum – Website revamp and an opportunity to join the forum!

The Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum exists to communicate and consult with key stakeholders, including local and national government bodies, equipment manufacturers, trade associations, professional associations and trade unions. The aim of WISH is to identify, devise and promote activities that can improve industry health and safety performance.

LARAC is seen as a key stakeholder within WISH in terms of communicating and consulting in the Local Authority area. Therefore, as a LARAC national representative, I’ve been attending the WISH Steering Group meetings over the past 12-18 months along with key industry members including (And I apologise in advance for the use of so many acronyms) WRAP, CIWM, EU Skills, Open University, Cory, GMB, ESA, LAWS, REA and the HSE.

WISH was previously seen as maybe being somewhat elitist, but steps have been taken, including constitutional changes, to allow more industry professionals to join WISH as individuals and/or their respective organisations.

Biennial WISH conference will be held on March 12th where the long-awaited WISH website refresh will be officially launched. new website will include links to the WISH Youtube video channel, links to revised guidance documents and details on the various operational WISH working groups looking at specific industry issues.

The WISH conference will also see the unveiling of a new draft HSE Waste and Recycling Industry Strategy for 2020-2022 to promote an integrated approach for stakeholder commitment and activity, aligning communications and undertaking regulatory interventions to continue to improve Health and Safety across our industry. The draft strategy covers six strategic themes:

  1. Integrated approach – Leading, Communicating and working together
  2. Driving Innovation – Keeping pace with change
  3. Managing risk well – Creating healthier and safer workplaces
  4. Involving the workforce
  5. Supporting SMEs and Micro Businesses
  6. Increasing skills and building competence

With 303 local authority members in the waste sector through the collection and/or disposal of waste either in house or via contracted services, LARAC is seen as a key stakeholder in terms of Health and Safety development, engagement and communication. I would recommend that you take the opportunity to visit the new WISH website between now and March 12th and register as a WISH member. Let’s show the wider industry that Local Authorities are also committed to improving Health and Safety across the sector before we get left behind!