WikiWaste ( has been developed with the objective of sharing knowledge and information on the UK waste market. It is free to use and written collaboratively by those with an interest in the subject; with the aim of the site broadening into a wide-ranging waste library open to everyone to better understand the waste market in the UK.

The data taken to support the site is taken from the latest set of the EA’s Waste Data Interrogator tool (2019) (2020 will not be released until later in the Autumn 2021), Defra Statistics and WasteDataFlow (WDF) (2019/20).

What does if offer to LAs?
Each Local Authority (WCA, WDA and Unitary) within England, Scotland and Wales (NI to follow shortly) has its own page which details, amongst other things:

  • The latest LA collected and household waste statistics for each authority including tonnage from HWRCs and the tonnage sent to the varying treatment routes (composted, EfW, landfill) etc as well as the data from the previous National Indicators NI 191, 192 and 193 and BVPI 84a on kg of household waste per person. 
  • Tonnage Destination which has been pulled from WDF Q100 and outlines the facility (and its location) that each material stream has been consigned too and the tonnage processed (>2,000t).
  • Collection Arrangements i.e., the kerbside collection model used by each LA (fortnightly residual, twin stream, separate food etc) and the current collection contractor or LATCo if applicable.

Having this information in one place allows LAs to point their residents and stakeholders directly to WikiWaste to easily obtain their waste management data without having to draft FOI requests or detailed responses to their Members. As WikiWaste is fully interactive it also allows LA officers to easily view other authorities that have similar (or differing arrangements) i.e., those authorities conducting three weekly residual collections or those charging (or not charging) for garden waste collections.

For stakeholders, understanding where their wastes are consigned to once collected by their LA can be invaluable.

LA EfW Information
One of the most visited sections on WikiWaste continues to be the Residual Waste EFW page which details each of the 53 EfW facilities currently in operation in the UK and the c. 20 facilities currently under construction alongside a UK wide map outlining the location of the facilities.

‘Clicking’ on the facility will take you to each sites’ individual page which provides overarching operational information and its list of LA users i.e., those LAs consigning their wastes to that facility and the tonnage consigned.

For those of us working in the industry this is fascinating - if only to see how far around the UK some of this LA residual waste moves!