Welcome to the new LARAC Blog!

I am excited to be writing the first piece for the new LARAC blog which is being launched today. 

The aim is to provide our members with relevant, interesting blog articles from key people in the industry as well as our own team of elected representatives, so please let us know what you think and if there are any topics you’d like us to talk about, get in touch.

Over the weekend, as I looked around the garden I saw all the signs of spring on its way, Daffs coming up, grass starting to grow and it got me to thinking about the increases in garden waste we’re going to be seeing in the next month.  As I happily pondered the imminent end to winter and increasing garden activity, my thoughts shifted slightly to thinking about how we are going to reach 50% recycling by 2020.  We all know that green waste recycling is seasonal and tonnages can vary depending on the weather.  However what about all the other things we recycle? Tonnages of these materials haven’t really grown much in the past 5 years; recycling appears to have plateaued somewhat. 

Aligned with this plateauing are shrinking local authority revenue budgets, little policy direction in England and changes to consumption patterns.  One thing is for sure, if we’re going to stand any chance of meeting the 50% nationally Local Authorities need to rise to the challenge and come up with new ideas and consider new ways of delivering our services to residents.  Something I know we have certainly done time and time before and so will undoubtedly do again.  

Food waste recycling is one of those streams currently collected in some parts of the country but not in others, so are we likely to see a more uniformed approach to collections in a bid to recycle more of our waste?  Without funding support, my guess is it’s unlikely. In actual fact some local authorities may be considering taking out of mixed green waste collections in a bid to save money.  

We continue to work with government and industry to consider the wider implications of meeting the 50% target and as such would welcome any thoughts you might have…