We are virtually there!

In a weeks’ time the LARAC Conference will be in full swing. In a way it seems strange to say that in these very different times but then it also shows how the world is adapting and evolving. We now live in the online world much more than we used to.

So LARAC 2020 is still a full two-day event, with a great speaker and topic line up and the LARAC Awards at the end of day one. Except we will all be sat (or stood) in front of laptops and PCs instead of being together in Birmingham. The obvious downside to that is the missed conversations over coffee and lunch, the networking that often gives you that gem or insight that is the cherry on top of the conference programme and makes the LARAC Conference worthwhile each year.

In moving the LARAC Conference online we were keen to give you as much of the “normal” experience as we could, and it not just present a bunch of webinars. That is why we are using specialist software that really does allow you to network during the breaks in the excellent programme. We have a virtual conference hall all laid out with virtual tables where you can meet and chat to sponsors, congregate to discuss specific topics or search out other delegates you want to speak to.

Here's a peek at what it will look like:

You can move tables anytime, book appointments to speak to others and generally mingle as you would in the halls at Birmingham. If you have booked to attend the conference, then you will get all the information on how to interact well beforehand. I would urge you to view the video that will be sent and log into the system ahead of the first day, to set up your profile and just familiarise yourself with how it all works. It will be well worth it and will really help you get the most out of LARAC 2020. I look forward to “seeing” many of you next week for the conference and the awards. We hope it will prove useful and worthwhile for all those attending.

Another way in which we are working to improve the services we provide you is available for the first time via this edition of LARAC Online. We start our feature articles, that are an evolution of the Loop that we used to print and send out to you quarterly. We have moved with the times and are now having content on the website instead. So, instead of a load of articles dropping on you all at once you get them one a fortnight, easy to read and manageable. Unsurprisingly the first one looks at the Covid-19 pandemic, but we intend to cover all range of topics and have a fair few case studies in there as well.

In a couple of months, we may well ask for your opinion, but in the meantime take five minutes, grab a coffee and have a read of the first LARAC OnLine Feature.